A shopper's best friend for keeping track of everything you buy online

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Track Packages

Rakuten Slice automatically picks up tracking numbers in your email whenever you buy something.

Get Money Back

Did the price drop after you bought it? We'll let you know and help you get a refund.

Stay Safe

Get alerted when anything you've bought is recalled by the CPSC. Keep your family safe.

Access Receipts

Easily find a receipt for a return or work-related expense. No more digging through your inbox.

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Does all the work for you

Gives you all the information you need. And... the peace of mind that you know exactly where your packages are without... having to dig through emails to figure it out. ernanney, iTunes

Saved me $1000 plus dollars

I purchased almost $8000 worth of furniture (from) Pottery Barn and 3 days later was notified of a big price drop from Slice. Timoreno, iTunes

Phenomenal, not enough stars

As someone who orders a lot of things online, it makes tracking and keeping up on orders and deliveries completely automated and instantly accessible. I adore this app. Jeff Roberts, Google Play

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