You might remember a little tracking app called All My Purchases that was in Yahoo Mail's apps page. All My Purchases was a very early version of the Slice app. While Yahoo Mail apps are no longer around, you can still get all these core features in the Slice package tracker app.

All My Purchases

Quickly and simply access all your purchases to help answer those nagging questions:

Package Tracker

Track your packages effortlessly with Slice tracking. Slice automatically picks up tracking numbers for you! Put down the shovel—because digging through emails is a thing of the past. Pick up Slice to find out where your packages are.

Unpack the goodies

Slice has all the same features and functionality of All My Purchases and then some! Now you can get price drops, purchase analytics, and support for thousands of new merchants.

Get Slice package tracker today!

All My Purchases might be gone but you still need a package tracker. If you've missed this app in Yahoo Mail, don't go another day without the Slice app.

Top supported merchants

Check out just a few of the merchants we support:

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