A Better Experience for Amazon Shoppers!

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Many Slicers noticed Amazon has not included tracking numbers in their emails, prompting some users to log into their Amazon account to get detailed tracking information to add to their Slice purchases. We're also hearing complaints that Amazon order confirmation emails don't always include item descriptions. How inconvenient!

So, you asked if we could go into your Amazon account and get tracking numbers and item information. We heard you! And we agree that you're entitled to know what you've bought, where it is, and how much it cost. Starting today, if you would like to provide your Amazon login, we'll go fetch the data for you and automatically add this to your Slice account.

Keep the feedback coming, and Happy Shopping!

P.S. If you prefer not to do this, no worries. We'll continue to get as much detail as we can, but your experience won't be ideal. Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about this unless Amazon changes their business practices.
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