" The service is incredibly secure... Slice is a must-have tool for online shipping... I actually thought it was fun to see how I've spent my money through the years.  "

Slice keeps track of what you buy, effortlessly.

The secret to the sauce is your email inbox. Just add the email account(s) where you send your merchant notifications, and we'll do the work from there. Slice processes shopping-related emails (such as order confirmations, shipping notifications, and e-receipts from in-store purchases) to help you easily keep track of your stuff.
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How Slice Works

1. Track Packages

Track all your in-transit orders on a single map - no logging into multiple retailer websites or searching for tracking numbers in emails. Our mobile apps will even send you push notifications when a package is on its way. Try It!

2. Keep Purchases Organized

Slice keeps a record of everything you've ever bought online. Need to pull up a receipt for your records? Keep track of all your Groupons? Get item details for a past purchase? You can easily access all this information in your Slice Purchase History. Learn More

3. Save Money

Slice shows you exactly where you spend your money so you can manage your budget. Even better, we'll let you know if a recent purchase has dropped in price so you can recoup the difference. Cash back? Yes, please!

What Slice Can Do for You

Slice is designed primarily for people that shop frequently online (at least 3 times/month), but can also benefit other types of shoppers. Check out some real-world scenarios below. If some of them sound familiar, Slice may be a good fit for you.
Buy from a variety of stores We keep a record of everything you've bought, all in one place, and show all your in-transit packages on a single map.
Buy a lot for others Holidays, birthdays, baby and wedding showers... there always seems to be an event to shop for. Slice makes it easy to remember what you've bought for someone in the past, and track when your gifts arrive.
Are an obsessive package tracker Do you track packages like it's a game? It is! Slice will feed your obsession by showing you exactly where your orders are at all times. Push notifications in our mobile apps will even alert you automatically when your order is out for delivery so you can greet the UPS man in person with open arms.
Sometimes forget what you've bought or where you bought it from With Slice, all your purchase info is in one place. No having to log into multiple websites, dig through receipts, or manually organize your emails.
Like to manage a budget Our Slice & Dice charts will show you how much you spend in which categories and at which retailers. Knowledge is power.
Return items once in a while We'll call up your receipt in a click, refer you to the return policy and give you the customer service phone number of any of our supported merchants, right within Slice.
Like to save money Who doesn't like a buck or two back in their pocket? If Slice finds that an item you've recently bought is eligible for a price adjustment, we'll let you know so you get some money back!

Secure and Private
Slice uses the same encryption security as major US financial institutions. The only emails we process are those related to orders and shipping confirmations. No credit card data is ever accessed and no passwords are stored for any of your online retailer accounts.

Always Up to Date
Using your inbox, Slice updates your orders and shipments automatically. So you're always on top of that package that you really need to track or the receipt you don't want to lose.

Slice is a free service and we're committed to staying that way for everyone, especially since we're users ourselves!