Slice works with the e‑receipts in your inbox


By safely accessing and organizing e‑receipts via email, the Slice app tracks the progress of your purchases and sends alerts about price adjustments and recalls, making it easy to save money - or even a life. Here's a quick overview of how it works:

Slice finds e‑receipts in your inbox by identifying specific keywords, such as "order" or "shipped" in the email subject line. All other emails are ignored.

Once an e‑receipt is found, Slice opens it to pull only the information that is relevant to help you know what you bought and when it will arrive.

Tracking numbers, order numbers, item descriptions - everything gets centrally stored in Slice and augmented with real-time updates from third parties like UPS, so that you have the latest information at your fingertips.




Simplify Package Tracking

No more logging into Amazon, Overstock, UPS, or other web sites to check the status of your packages. Slice automatically alerts you when your package has shipped or is out for delivery.
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Get Money Back

Ever discovered that the price of what you bought yesterday has dropped today? Slice alerts you when a price drop occurs and helps you get money back. No haggling with the retailer required.
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Streamline Returns

Never worry about accidentally dashing out to the mall without your receipt for a return. All receipts can be pulled up on-the-go via your smartphone. We even include links to the return policy.

Free Up Your Inbox

Once Slice captures an e-receipt from your inbox, you can delete the email and free up your inbox for more important stuff. It's all safely stored in Slice and easily searchable.

Keep Your Family Safe

Slice alerts you when anything you've bought is recalled by the Consumer Products Safety Commission, helping you take action quickly and keep your family safe.
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Track Expenses

Getting a little click-happy online and want to watch how much you're spending? Slice shows you how much you spend over time, in which categories, and at which retailers.

The service is incredibly secure...
Slice is a must-have tool for online shopping.
- Chenda Ngak, Science and Technology Editor