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NielsenIQ Slice helps you get money back when the price of something you've bought falls.


This app is simply amazing. I purchased almost $8000 worth of furniture on Pottery Barn and three days later was notified of a big price drop from Slice. I was able to call in and get the new price before the items shipped.

– iTunes user


1 Sign up for NielsenIQ Slice or download our mobile app available for Android or iOS.
2 NielsenIQ Slice will scan your inbox for receipts and monitor merchant websites to see if prices drop. When we find a potential price drop, we will send you an email and a push notification.
3 Contact the merchant and request a refund. NielsenIQ Slice will pre-populate an email with all the relevant details so all you have to do is click send.
4 You should receive an email from the merchant acknowledging the price adjustment and providing you a refund. It’s so easy!

Let us help you get money back! It's free money!


Nothing else like it!

Got a notice on a previous order's price drop and was able to easily contact customer service with all the needed info, resulting in a $106 refund on a $400 purchase! Thanks Slice!

Slice saved me $51 today I got both an email and a notification that a pair of boots I purchased from Nordstrom had dropped $51. I went into the app, found the item and the price drop tab, followed the link to the listing on Nordstrom to verify it was the exact item, and was given three choices on how to proceed to request a refund. I chose the email which was pre-written and auto populated with all the information they needed from me. I sent it and had notification within a couple of hours that I would be credited the $51 plus taxes for the price adjustment. Any app that saves me $51 is wonderful in my book!


I got a pop-up message stating that something I'd purchased recently had dropped over $10. There was a pre-constructed email already addressed to said store's customer service department, and all I had to do was press "send." Not 12 hours later I was receiving a reply email from the store's customer service, talking about my refund! I would've never known about the price drop (much less written customer service about it!) had it not been for Slice! Fan for life now. :)

Just saved me $50!!

I had bought a computer and it told me it was now $50 cheaper and there was a form letter to send to the company. I was reimbursed the $50!!