Stay safe with Product Recall Alerts

Do you ever hear about product recalls in the news and wonder how you would ever hear about this kind of important information if it were meant for you?

Now Slice has your back. We'll help you find out about product recalls on items you've bought online so you & your family can stay safe.

Actual CPSC recalls

How It Works

Slice product recall alerts
Slice product recall alerts

When you buy stuff online, Slice keeps track of your purchase history for you. We also keep an eye on the Consumer Product Safety Commission Recalls List to watch out for important product recalls that may affect you. When we see an alert from CPSC that may be related to something you've bought, we'll let you know!

Get CPSC product recall alerts

This is a time when consumers have unprecedented access to safety information at the tips of their fingers.

Inez M. Tenenbaum Consumer Product Safety Commission Chairman