What happens after you buy? When will my order arrive? Did I get the best price? What if I want to return it? Rakuten Slice tracks it all for you, effortlessly

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If you shop online, Rakuten Slice has your back

Shopping, shipping, and saving have never been easier or more fun. Rakuten Slice keeps an eye on your purchases for you—watching for price drops and tracking your packages. All done automatically with the e-receipts in your email... that's why it's so smart!

Never enter a tracking number again

Rakuten Slice will automatically pick up the order, shipment and the tracking number, so you always have them handy. You'll also get timely updates and notifications about your package.

We can track several shipping carriers like UPS, Fedex, USPS, DHL, China Post and more! Plus we support tons of merchants including Amazon (read more about Advanced Amazon Tracking), Target, Nordstrom, Zappos, and thousands more!

Get alerts when a package ships or arrives

Push notifications will let you know when your package is set to hit your doorstep. Receive an alert when your package is shipped, out for delivery or delivered. Plus, Rakuten Slice will send you an alerts if there is a price drop!

Rakuten Slice, your smart shopping assistant, always alerts you when you need to do something about your stuff.

Cash Back!

Have you ever made a purchase that went on sale a couple days later? We feel your pain.

After you've made a purchase, Rakuten Slice will continue to monitor the item for a couple weeks. If the price of the item drops, we'll let you know and assist you in getting your cash back. We even draft the email for you.

Rakuten Slice puts money back into your pocket. Check this out: a Rakuten Slice user recently got $1,000 back from Pottery Barn! Learn more >>

All your purchases

Rakuten Slice stores the receipts for all your purchases. You don't need them now but you may need them later for returns, exchanges, expenses, taxes and warranties. Your receipts will always be in your Rakuten Slice account, even if you accidentally delete the email!

Next level analytics

Rakuten Slice provides you with your unique spending data, so you can see your purchasing trends and habits. View all your purchase data in easy-to-read charts and graphs.

You might not love math as much as we do, but we're willing to bet you'll find out something that you didn't know about yourself.