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If you shop online, Slice has your back.

Slice works seamlessly with your email inbox to find and store the e-receipts from the stuff you buy. We'll track your package from shipment to delivery... and then go further. Are you eligible for a price adjustment on that shirt? Did the toy you bought last year just get recalled for safety issues? We keep an eye out for important information that you need to know about the things you buy and then make it incredibly easy to do something about it.


Get push notifications so you know when your package is set to hit your doorstep.

Get Money Back

Price Drop Alerts put cash back in your pocket.
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Stay Safe

Recall alerts can quickly notify you of critically-important safety issues.
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Discover what your spending patterns say about you.

Easy Receipt Access

Keep all your receipts in one place. Save time on expense reports & returns!

Track any package

Returns? Personal shipments? You can keep track of those, too using the integrated scanner or by adding a tracking number.

Get Notified

Download Slice's top-rated iPhone Android app to get push notifications for package deliveries, Price Drop Alerts, Recall notifications and other time-sensitive information.

Be alerted when a package ships or arrives

Whether you're sending a gift to someone else or yourself, you can set up push notifications to get alerted when your order has been shipped or delivered.

Track packages automatically

Some people like maps. We're among those people. So we built a map. It's like watching the flight map on an airplane, only you're watching your packages on their way to you.

Keep a record of what you buy

Can't remember the book you bought your father last year or the Groupon you got this month? Slice stores all of these details for you, so that you don't have to think about it.

Easily find a receipt

Don't worry about trying to dig through your email inbox to find receipts on the go. If you're looking for something you've bought, Slice helps you find it.

See what's inside each shipment

You'll always know what's on its way to you and when to expect it. You can even see what's inside each shipment, in case things get shipped separately.

Get cash back with Price Drop Alerts

If we detect a price adjustment opportunity for you, we'll let you know! We'll even make it really easy for you to claim your cash back.

Stay safe

Every day, the government recalls multiple items for safety hazards. We'll alert you when there may be a recall issued for something you've bought.

Discover your spending patterns

See how much you spend online and on what items. Are you a Gadget Geek or a Jetsetter? Hit the Profile button to see your unique shopping DNA.

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