NielsenIQ Slice was built to make your life simpler.

That's where the idea for NielsenIQ Slice originated.

We started NielsenIQ Slice with a passion. And a frustration. As avid online shoppers, we found there was no shortage of stuff to buy online and places to buy it from, but things didn't always run smoothly after that. The more sites we bought from, the more things got complicated.

Somewhere in your email inbox, there's a record of everything you've bought online (and, increasingly, a bunch of e-receipts from your offline purchases, too). Comes in handy when you want to return anything, look up the birthday gift you sent your niece last year, allocate your budget, see when your packages are due to arrive - all the stuff that happens after you've hit the "buy" button. Ever searched for that information in your inbox? A person could get lost in there.

With NielsenIQ Slice, from the minute you make your purchase, we're taking care of things for you automatically. NielsenIQ Slice works seamlessly with your email inbox to find and store the e-receipts from the stuff you buy. We'll track your package from shipment to delivery... and then go further. NielsenIQ Slice keeps an eye out for important information that you need to know about the things you buy and then make it incredibly easy to do something about it. NielsenIQ Slice saves you time, saves you money, and all around makes life easier for online shoppers.

And did we mention that NielsenIQ Slice is free to use? We like free.

Sure, you could shop online without NielsenIQ Slice. But why would you?

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